Feel confident at work.

A career coach, work diary, and organizer all rolled into one

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Take control of your career.

Your career coach in an all-in-one planner, diary, and organizer

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You deserve to thrive at work.

The Daily Work Journal helps you do this through a positive psychology-inspired journal design. Featuring career coaching worksheets, planning pages, daily lookbacks, and reflection prompts. 

Created by a certified career coach

And tested through multiple iterations by tens of customers. Read more about our story here

Why keep a work journal?

Beat imposter syndrome and build a successful career effortlessly. 

Plan your career path intentionally

Guided career-coaching worksheets help you clarify what means the most to you so you can articulate your career path and make conscious decisions about your next steps.

Build self-confidence

Document your achievements with a wins tracker, which will reminds you of your achievements over time. You'll build self confidence and beat imposter syndrome.

Ace your annual reviews & prepare for interviews

 Daily prompts get you to recap your work and distill both what you’ve learned and how you’ve made an impact. This helps you figure out how to improve next.

Practice self-care & mindful reflection

Research has shown that you declutter your thoughts when you put them on paper, helping you build self awareness and mindfulness. Figure out what's on your mind with constant reflection.