How it started...

The contents of this journal are inspired by my personal experience as a corporate professional, my coaching work with my clients, and positive psychology.

In the middle of the pandemic, I quit my tech job as a data analyst and became an executive coach and career coach full-time so I could help more people thrive. Too often, I've seen people struggle and become jaded with their careers, or settle for less than what they want. I know what you’ve been through. You deserve to thrive in your life and in your career. And through my journey of coaching clients to help them get jobs, the Daily Work Journal™ was born.

I started my own journaling practice—specifically, a work journaling practice—at my second job out of college. It was a method born out of necessity. Working a rigorous schedule with little guidance, I had to figure out a way to declutter my mind, stay organized (and sane), and track my goals. It played a critical role in my career progression, as I was crystal clear on what I wanted my next job to be as a result of constant reflection. It also helped me create a killer resume effortlessly because all I needed to do was insert my journal’s highlights into my resume. This saved me time and made my job-seeking journey less stressful, and expedited the process of getting my next job when I was ready to leave. Every little bit helps because job-seeking on top of your current job is a job on its own!

This journal was designed to be your trusty sidekick for creating a thriving career. It’s a planner, diary, organizer, and tracker all rolled up into one. Your personal career coach, on paper! Not to mention it’s self-paced, easily accessible, becomes a keepsake, and fits into your existing schedule. You already take notes, create to-dos, and think about your work. The Daily Work Journal™ just makes this experience cohesive and organized. You won’t be spending any more effort than you currently do to integrate Daily Work Journaling as a habit in your workday (I walk you through how this works in the ‘How to Use’ pages).

I am excited for what you will discover and learn about yourself through journaling. Please do not hesitate to contact me to share how your Daily Work Journal™ journey is going. Let us know how we can further support you towards a fulfilling life with a thriving career. I am celebrating you!

Shine on,
Jessica Yen (Founder & CEO)

Jessica Yen

Photo taken by @jordynkoroneos

Woman, minority, and immigrant-owned 

Based in Los Angeles, California

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